October 2017 Chairman's Chat

Round 10 of the Edorc Trial season took us to a new site at Trickey Warren by kind permission of the Jones Family. This being their “Super Cat” test site.  Guy found this site for the Club and was also the C of C. Thanks Guy.
Guy took the opportunity on section 1 to use the concrete test facilities which knocked out two of the Class 2 drivers leaving only Jon and Tom competing. Toms luck ran out at the end of section 3, leaving Jon with no class competition. Modest as he is Jon felt he shouldn’t take the Class win as he was the only competitor left. In motorsport Jon you take what luck comes your way.  
It never ceases to amaze me that when Paul Wilkins turns up in Class 1, the other drivers come under a spell and go to pieces or try harder and do out of character things. Pete Jones being a prime example. Having never tipped over before he breaks his duck with a 360* barrel roll and then later on rolls onto his side crushing his bonnet onto a tree which stopped him doing his 2nd 360*. 
“Roll over Pat” lived up to his name and didn’t disappoint doing a good impersonation of a turtle.  He had to sit out the recovery as it was impossible to release his seat belt, but he was soon back on 4 wheels with the blood draining from his head and the oil from the V8 pistons draining back into the sump. 
This new site showed huge potential and the 24 drivers who signed up enjoyed a full day’s trialling and with a C of C who was prepared to change the start of a section if it didn’t work out, a great day’s trialling was had by all. It was nearly dark by the time I read out the results.
Pete Jones efforts paid off and he took Class 1 by 3 points from Paul. Jon Inglis was going for his hat trick of wins and with the rest of his class dropping out easily came out on top. You’re going to need a bigger shelf Jon. It was a girly back after time out who showed the men in Class 3 and her new co-driver, who despite having blonde hair can still drive trial sections and win. Well done Charlotte and it was good to see you back with your Dad. Class 4 and 1st overall was young Jake. When it comes to driving trial sections, a mature head on young shoulders.
Thanks go to the site owners, Guy and his helpers, the Marshalls, Jane for staying on to the end and to everyone who turned up to make it such a successful day.

Our last Trial of the season is at Keinton Mandeville on Remembrance Sunday with Julie as our C of C. This being an all-weather site which constantly changes with soil being added and moved around. 

Your attendance is requested at the Clubs AGM and end of season prize giving on November 24th. This is a chance for you the “Members” to have your say in how your Club is run. Any topics you would like to raise at the AGM please send them to Jason by November the 2nd. There will not be any topics taken from the floor on the night. Marilyn has sorted the roast spuds this year for the buffet. 

......Barney wanted me to give him a mention.

See you soon,

Phil & Barney.

Phil wanted to share this write up with you from someone who came along to a trial earlier on in the year.

4x4 The Best Form of Motorsport by Far !