June 2018
Chairman's Chat......

The weather has put a bit of a spanner in the works during the early part of our season. First it was The Beast from the East stopping a committee meeting and then rain from the West waterlogging our planned weekend trial for April at Othery. Jason, JD and I tried three other sites, but they were all booked. So no Edorc trial for April.

May came and the sun was out, what could go wrong. I always ring the Allercott Pits Land-owner about ten days before we go there to check that our booking is still ok and a reminder we are coming. Only this time he says "I was going to ring you and inform you that I have shut the Pits to all activities." We have had some great trials there over the years. Thank you Julian and  Ridion.

A phone call to Chirpy at Othery and we have a trial site for the 1st weekend in May. I was C of C and I was assisted by ‘The Dream Team’ of Jason, Wayne, Barney and Adrian. Driving around the set out sections as C of C was very enjoyable as I drove some of them up to five times.  The second from last section on the lower field gave me a surprise as I barrow rolled two and a quarter times and ripped the rear suspension A frame from one of its mountings. I managed to limp back to my trailer and load up. Still, all set up by 11-30. A days welding and spannering and it would be ready for Bickleigh.

Othery Trial day was fairly uneventful, until ‘Roll over Pat’ did a full 360 barrow roll in ‘Steady Dave’s’ trialer on the same section as me, but in the 8 gate and not the 5 gate where I rolled before the gate was moved.
A few crazy drivers tried to sneak past the 2 cane in the mud wallow, tipped over and had to be recovered.
Pete Jones held off the challenge of Sarah and Matt to win Class 1. Class 2 was won by Ivor with Guy winning Class 3. Wayne found it all too easy by winning Class 4 and 1st overall.
Thanks to Chirpy by providing a site at short notice, The Marshalls and drivers and to our excellent caterers, Dave and Jade.  

Two weeks later and we're at Bickleigh by kind permission of Mr Angus Wiggins with Jake and friends as C of C.
Nigel was first on, on the 1st section and rolled on his side in the 9 gate. Jake spared Nigel’s blushes by moving the 9 gate and giving him a re-run. Jake managed to find some new ground and a bog run. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful and we always seem to finish late at this site. Dave and Jade hung on to the end and we had all earned a hot drink. Thanks again guys for hanging on.
The class winners were the same has the trial before, Pete, Class 1, and Ivor Class 2, Guy Class 3 and Wayne Class 4 and 1st overall. Wayne’s bottom hose went before lunch but he was able to borrow Nigel’s as his rear prop had let go in the morning.

Thanks to all the Marshalls and to Louise and Julie for stepping in for Marilyn, and to Jake for his efforts and to Angus.

Our next trial is at Attwells with Louise as C of C.

See you soon,

Phil wanted to share this write up with you all from someone who came along to a trial in 2017.

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