August 2018  Chairman's Chat

The two trials in August had something in common, and that was rain. Lots of it. West Harptree coming out a clear winner. We’ve been there now two years in a row and both times it’s been wet. It is a great shame as it’s a premiere site and we can’t use and enjoy its full potential. 
It was a return to Furley after a nine year absence and in that time, JD our C of C and three members of the ‘Dream Team’ Wayne, Barney and myself found the undergrowth had taken over and made setting out difficult. All the sections needed some form of jungle clearance.
The trial day started wet and we were thankful to Ivor for the use of his vans side canopy for the drivers meeting. Guy had a nice side-line going selling cider, which went down well with my roast dinner when I got home.
The sections weren’t driven on the Saturday, so some were changed by John as we went through the day. This took into account the changing wetter conditions. Not everyone was happy, but John did what he had to do for the majority. The afternoon sections did bring back memories of years gone by.
Isaac had his maiden roll over coming to rest on his side with the wheels planted up against two trees. My roll on my side getting off section was tame in comparison.
Pete Jones and Nigel resumed their Class 1 battle with Pete finely beating Nigel after Nigel had won some previous trials. Pete slept well that night.
Class 2 was won by Ivor. Things are going to get harder for Ivor’s Class 2 completers as he has announced the ‘Panda’ will be back.
Guy tanked up on his own cider won Class 3.
The Head Man of ‘Team Steady’ Dave Cutting was the winner of Class 4 and first overall. Well done.
Thanks go to the Land-owner, Marshalls, Caterer, Signing on crew, to John for setting up and to Pete Broom for organising this change of venue at short notice. 

Bank Holiday Sunday was the return to West Harptree with the Broom family doing the setting up.
The shelter in the car park was put to good use throughout the day, for signing on, drivers meeting, breakfast, lunch and reading out the scores.
We had a new driver join the club, Sam Thomas who had his Father as a passenger and mentor.
Like I said earlier the rain and the slippery ground ruined what should have been an enjoyable day for everyone. Hence a lot of high scores. 
Six sections were completed before lunch. A change of clothes was taken by most people. Marilyn had, had enough and retired to her motorhome. Louise and Pat kindly took over the starting and scoring the last four sections were finely completed. Pete resetting the last one.
Pete Jones did the business in the wet and won Class 1 from Matt and Sarah. Might have been a lot different if Nigel had turned up.
Class 2 was won again by Ivor.
Guy in a lighter trialer more suited to the wet conditions won Class 3.
Jason for the second year in a row won Class 4 and first overall.
Thanks go to the Land-owner, the Burge Family, Marshalls, our stand in caterer, signing on crew, and to the Broom family for setting up. Well done to all the drivers who braved the rain and made a go of it.

Our third Trial in four weeks will be at Binagar Quarry north of Shepton Mallet this coming Sunday, September 9th with our very own Richard and Judy, Carl and Julie setting up assisted by some of the dream team.
It could be our first and last trial there as there is talk of it being used as a refuse tip. This is one site worth the drive and it could be your last chance to take on what it can offer. 

See you soon,


Phil wanted to share this write up with you all from someone who came along to a trial in 2017.

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