Rules & Regulations

Please find below a downloadable copy of the club's rules and regulations.
In addition to this document please note the following amendments:
  • All vehicles must have a full roll cage.
  • No seatbelts to be anchored to the seat.
  • Cross bar or bulkhead to be fitted behind the seats to prevent them from reclining.
  • A seatbelt cutter to be fitted in every vehicle in reach of the driver with their harness on and from the outside of the vehicle.
  • All vehicles with an underslung fuel tank must have it protected by a crush proof metal plate.
  • All vehicles must be fitted with a solid metal roof.
  • All vehicles fitted with a glass windscreen need to fit a film to the whole of the inside of the screen.

  • All section gates increased to a minimum width of 3 metres.

  • Acceptance of MSA Ruling 24.3.1regarding accompanied young drivers.

Membership & Trial Fees

You can join at an event just ask any of the officials and they will point you to the person to speak to.

Annual Membership for a new member: £10
Existing Members renewing their Membership before 14th February: £10
Existing Members renewing their membership after 14th February: £15
2019 Trial Drivers Fee: £25 (Please bring the correct money.)
2019 Trial Passenger Fee: £5 (First ride free if a new member.)
When arriving on site to compete at a trial please where possible sign on before offloading, as this helps the administration team with getting everything ready in time for the start.
2019 Membership

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